Tell me about your experiences.

As an early childhood professional, what has been your experiences when working with children living in poverty? I am specifically interested in their language development and their socialization.


2 thoughts on “Tell me about your experiences.

  1. Children living in poverty are often faced with more challenges and stressors than I think, many teachers can often imagine. As such, these challenges and stressors impact how they behave, how they interact and their development. What is important for teachers to realize is that children is this impact. Teachers may not know from personal experience the impact poverty can have on lives, but we must learn to understand the impact and empathize with the situation and then meet the children, and the families, where they are at. We must not judge; but, rather we must acknowledge the situation and work to get to know the family and understand what is important to the family and start from there. We cannot change the situation, but at teachers, we can be a support, if not for the family, but for the child.

  2. Kacey,
    Thank you for your response. I, too, feel that by working with the children we served we can try to minimize the effects of poverty as much as possible. It was a hard lessons for me to understand that I could not change the family dynamic, but I have learned that I can try to influence them to work with their child for his academic success.

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